Strategy execution

Every Manager today is confronted with the dilemma between “Planning” and “Execution”.
Since failing to plan, leads to planning to fail, it is obvious that making strategies and plans is critical. But it is even more critical to turn these into
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Le Management Transversal

Le Management Transversal

Dans un contexte où la décentralisation des responsabilités va devenir de plus en plus conséquente, le niveau d’exigence des collaborateurs ne peut que s’accroitre. Ils sont soucieux de développer leur employabilité, et les hiérarchiques qui Read more

Servant Leadership

Influencer (opinion leader, team leader, CEO, market leader) and another business leading concepts, wide banner composition.

In today’s business climate, the cadence between strategy and execution is compressing, making the integration of the two more important than ever. Too many employees are being left out of this equation. More and more people are disconnected from their Read more

Positive Leaders

Influencer (opinion leader, team leader, CEO, market leader) and another business leading concepts, wide banner composition.

People who experience more positive emotions than negative ones are more likely to see the bigger picture, build relationships, and thrive in their work and career, whereas people who experience mostly negative emotions are more likely to have a narrower perspective Read more

On the road to “HR EXCELLENCE”

Influencer (opinion leader, team leader, CEO, market leader) and another business leading concepts, wide banner composition.

Today, companies and organizations are not facing “simple” alternatives; it’s not about innovation against efficiency, speed or reliability, conformism or flexibility, global coherence or local reactivity Read more

Gérer les injonctions paradoxales …

Le management n’est-il pas cette capacité à faire travailler des individus ensemble efficacement, avec plaisir, tout en obtenant des résultats ?
Et n’est-ce pas le rêve de tout dirigeant ou manager de constater que ses équipes travaillent bien en Read more

Leadership & giving meaning

Leaders set the tone for their organisations. Leaders make choices and investments that determine how organisations work. Leaders model what others follow. Sometimes, employees consciously choose to follow their leader’s intentional directives; other times the leader’s behaviour provides Read more

Emotional bank account

No one becomes a better musician, teacher, scientist, carpenter, dentist, accountant, or manager without stretching outside of their comfort zone.

The only way to avoid the setbacks and disappointments inherent in this unfamiliar territory is to avoid trying new things.

Frankly, if you are not failing at something, you are probably not pushing yourself hard enough. What’s more, failure should be disappointing. If there is no disappointment, the work you tried was probably Read more

About Talent


The study of talent has evolved from a focus on employee competence (ABILITY to do the work) to employee commitment (WILLINGNESS to do the work). Employees who a re competent but not committed will not perform to their full potential. Commitment comes from building an employee value proposition that engages employees to use their discretionary energy to pursue organization goals. Read more

True Entrepreneurship


True entrepreneurship involves a mindset of solving problems. But real success goes well beyond the bottom line to impacting lives and leaving a legacy.
Many global challenges need innovative solutions that, no doubt, will be solved by entrepreneurs. Established industries like health care, education, and alternative energy are ripe for disruption. This creates abundant opportunities for those who want to step up.

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