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We see the effects of turbulent change all around us on individuals and organizations. Some people seem to be able to rise to the occasion while others fold in the face of it. Most of us don’t have a choice but to meet what the world throws at us head-on.


What do we mean when we say that someone is good? Good is often confused with competency. But it is really a character issue. You can be good at your job but doing good is a character issue. Doing good is not just not being bad but intentionally creating more good in the workplace and […]

Servant Leadership

In today’s business climate, the cadence between strategy and execution is compressing, making the integration of the two more important than ever. Too many employees are being left out of this equation. More and more people are disconnected from their

Positive Leaders

People who experience more positive emotions than negative ones are more likely to see the bigger picture, build relationships, and thrive in their work and career, whereas people who experience mostly negative emotions are more likely to have a narrower perspective

Leadership & giving meaning

Leaders set the tone for their organisations. Leaders make choices and investments that determine how organisations work. Leaders model what others follow. Sometimes, employees consciously choose to follow their leader’s intentional directives; other times the leader’s behaviour provides

Emotional bank account

No one becomes a better musician, teacher, scientist, carpenter, dentist, accountant, or manager without stretching outside of their comfort zone. The only way to avoid the setbacks and disappointments inherent in this unfamiliar territory is to avoid trying new things. Frankly, if you are not failing at something, you are probably not pushing yourself hard […]