Why implementation matters!

Executives and line managers around the globe often lament their organisations’ implementation capabilities.

One cross-cutting secret of the worlds’ best implementers is their belief that implementation is an individual discipline that can be improved over time.
Top implementers manifest this belief by having a higher proportion of experienced change leaders run their programs relative to other companies.

Some specific practices common to the worlds’ best implementers:

Ownership and commitment.

Leaders devote appropriate time and energy to support major change, often clearing their diaries to drive efforts in a hands-on manner and inspire their colleagues. They also role model the right behaviours to support the change, commonly by demonstrating the difficult act of making personal behavioural changes.

Prioritization and planning.

Line managers use tools such as value-driver trees to ensure employees spend the majority of their time on the organisations’ priorities. They communicate at all levels about which actions and outcomes are most important to the organisations’ shareholders, customers and other stakeholders, and they have set intervals to review individual efforts toward the organisations’ priorities.


Line managers eliminate performance variability through tight monitoring and quick responses. This includes effectively using key performance indicators that the organisation tracks at the right frequency, conducting regular performance discussions with teams, and regularly assessing employees against individual goals and targets.

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