On the road to “HR EXCELLENCE”

Influencer (opinion leader, team leader, CEO, market leader) and another business leading concepts, wide banner composition.

Today, companies and organizations are not facing “simple” alternatives; it’s not about innovation against efficiency, speed or reliability, conformism or flexibility, global coherence or local reactivity … it’s about all this at the same time.

We left the world of “or” and are now in the world of “and”. In their organization, companies should free the creative energies and show agility to adapt unpredictable evolutions.

They also have to continue being coherent with their strategic project in order to maintain their references, realize economies of scale, and guarantee the respect for norms and quality and security standards.

Facing the complexity of their environments, companies, their managers and employees have to acquire a fundamental capacity: doing simultaneously several topics, depending then on organizational agility and then on strategic alignment, that are sometimes complementary or sometimes opposite.

In order to succeed they have to transform completely their organization. It’s not about “doing more and better of the same” ; it’s about “organizing differently”.

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