Positive Leaders

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People who experience more positive emotions than negative ones are more likely to see the bigger picture, build relationships, and thrive in their work and career, whereas people who experience mostly negative emotions are more likely to have a narrower perspective … and to focus more on problems.

Culture is everything. A positive leader lives the culture because it is an extension of who they are. They understand that every day there are forces seeking to sabotage their culture and success, and so they work relentlessly to keep it strong.

When you create a culture worth fighting for and invest in your people to the degree they want for your culture and for each other, your organization will have grit and strength to overcome the challenges you face and become an unstoppable and positive force.


1. Positive leaders create and share a positive VISION

2. Positive leaders lead with optimism, positivity and BELIEF

3. Positive leaders confront, TRANSFORM, and remove negativity

4. Positive leaders create united and connected TEAMS

5. Positive leaders build great RELATIONSHIPS

6. Positive leaders pursue EXCELLENCE

7. Positive leaders lead with PURPOSE

8. Positive leaders have GRIT.

Positive leadership is a CHOICE.

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