Questions asked by leaders

Questions asked by Leaders in order to bring direction and purpose to their organizations:

1. What are the insights we need to succeed as an organization? Who spends time thinking and reflecting on these insights? Who has responsibility for news ideas, learning from the past, and reflecting on our current situation? How do we make room for pondering, reflecting, learning, and creativity?

2. What achievements and goals will keep us in business? Who spends time clarifying those goals, working toward their accomplishment on a daily basis, and acknowledging and rewarding their accomplishment? Ho do we promote efficiency and clarity to help people do their work with commitment and competence?

3. What types of relationships will help us get our work done? Who spends time investing in people, listening to their ideas, building congenial teams, caring about the individual, and keeping people connected? How do we build skills of communication, compassion, respect and cooperation?

4. What human problems are we trying to solve? Who spends time creating a clear line of sight between what we do and what our customers, stakeholders and the world at large need? Who makes sure employees understand how the work they do makes a difference for real people? How do we communicate our empowerment agenda to all?

5. Which are the most pressing motivations of this organization, and where do they fall among the four quadrants of: insight, achievement, connection and empowerment? Which of the four quadrants will we excel at and where will we be satisfied?

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