Servant Leadership

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In today’s business climate, the cadence between strategy and execution is compressing, making the integration of the two more important than ever. Too many employees are being left out of this equation. More and more people are disconnected from their … company’s goals, even though they still report being satisfied with their jobs.

Apparently, many people are settling for a job that satisfies their basic needs, yet denies them a motivating answer to 2 important questions: “How does my personal work connect to my company’s goals, and how can I help us achieve them?”
In these cases, leaders have unfortunately failed to fully engage employees in either development or execution of their company’s mission, goals, and ultimately its journey toward success or failure.

Too often, employees are being over-managed and under-led. We believe this “COMMITMENT GAP” represents the largest source of untapped potential to create economic value in our society today.
How can leaders tap into this gap and raise the performance bar? This question matters more now than it ever has. As our world becomes more socially connected, more women progress into leadership roles, and millennials seek more meaning and purpose in their work than previous generations did, the principles of servant leadership are becoming more relevant than ever before.

In order to move your employees from SATISFACTORILY DISENGAGED to
ENTHUSIASTICALLY COMMITTED to winning, what can you do?

– grow leaders and difference-makers, not just followers

– focus your organization on strategic priorities and simplify operations to accelerate progress

– cultivate a performance-based culture of innovation that unleashed the innate desire in the people you lead to solve, create, and contribute to winning

– communicate relentlessly to give your employees the context they need to sign up for and truly commit to achieving company goals

– be the model you want emulated. Operate transparently, deliver on your promises, and remain focused on doing the right things

– coach people to achieve more than they thought possible. They need more a model of success more than they need a critic. Inspire your entire organization to step up by
revealing what success looks like, catching people doing something well, and showing your gratitude publicly.

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